I am a man, in the middle of life. What that means to me, you and us is what I hope to frame in my attempts at this.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The middle

The more I read, the more I want to write. And sometimes, I read and think it was something I had felt or thought or should be feeling or thinking, and I feel good and/or pitiful with how I am living life. Reading has always inspired and challenged me in so many ways.

Recently, I started reading Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and got to a section where he discusses the middle of our story we call life. It hit home and hit hard. He says:

“I think this is when most people give up on their stories. They come out of college wanting to change the world, wanting to get married, wanting to change the world and the way people buy office supplies. But they get into the middle and they discover it was harder than they thought. They can’t see the distant shore anymore, and they wonder if their paddling is moving them forward.”

This blog is my way to share the middle with you. What I am doing here, and what I hope to accomplish. I am in the middle in so many ways-financially/economically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally-the list goes on and on. I want to explore what it means to be here and be a part of the journey that gets me to the other shore, advances me and grows me in my journey. I continue to desire growth but relish rest-this is the constant fight isn’t it? I want to reach the end but not without loving the middle and every second it gives me. Come walk with me…

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