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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Show

I had the pleasure of organizing and implementing a Silent Auction/Variety Show/Dinner at GP this last weekend. It was the coming together of months of work, and was something that was hard work but fun all wrapped up together. When we came up with idea, my wife and I, it seemed easy.

But it wasn't easy-it was work. It was fun, but it took time and perseverance. We raised a lot of money from it, and we will be able to help quite a few of our kids go to CIY this summer. The important things I learned from this:

1. The High School kids will work hard-if encouraged to.
Like most of us see in all the areas we work, there are those that come in, do their job and work hard and there are others who need some encouragement. We had some of both-and it was a learning experience on how to manage it outside of the workplace.

2. People are very, very generous.
There are soooo many people that came through big-nationally and locally with donations. We ended up with over 170 items up for donation, and some of them were combined. From our professional photographer who donated an entire wedding package to so many restaurants who gave us gift cards-there was no end to people's generosity. I was blown away at how much people wanted to help us. This, above all in the planning process, made me feel great.

3. If you built it, they will come.
Everyone wants to be a part of something fun, something exciting and positive. Frame it in that type of box, and the event will be successful. People came, they had fun and they helped. You can't ask for more for the event we had.

4. I don't know how to run a silent auction perfectly.
I know what I did right, I know what I can do better, and will make the adaptations accordingly. You live it, you learn then you sharpen it.

5. I way over-estimated on food.
Which, of course, is better than under-estimating. But we had a lot of food, and we were able to serve everyone more than they could eat and included to-go boxes too! I had a blast making the food with my parents, and serving everyone who came to the counter. Hearing all the great comments about the food made it even better.

6. I slept worse than I have in a long time-the night after the event.
I am a stone-cold sleeper. It is near impossible to wake me up-but after this event, I couldn't sleep, I was so excited and happy for what we had accomplished with God's help. This made me tired the next day, but it was worth it.

7. CIY, and other events like it are so very important.
Why did we do this? To help raise money to send our HS youth group to a conference in the summer called Christ In Youth. And the next day, I got to hear stories about it and what it means to be able to do it to the kids. I never had the opportunity to do something like this as a youth, and I see how important and life-changing it can be in them, how it lays down memories.

So overall, had a blast. What have you learned recently?

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